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Effect of the parliamentary elections on constitutional mechanisms

(Department of Constitutional Law and Political Science)

The section will focus on revealing the potential consequences of elections to the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Parliament. How can the different constellations of the distribution of mandates influence the functioning of the constitutional system? We wellcome contributions related to the immediate context (eg the formation of a governmental coalition) as well as issues that seem to be unrelated on the first sight (eg proposals by the groups of deputies for the abolition of legislation submitted to the Constitutional Court, the relevance of Senate's veto in connection with different distribution of mandates in The Chamber of Deputies, etc.).

Scientific Guarantor:
Ing. Mgr. Jaroslav Benák, Ph.D.
Organizational Guarantor:
Mgr. Zuzana Vikarská, MJur, MPhil, Ph.D.
Contact e-mail:
Slovak, Czech
Publication Output:
reviewed proceedings (e-book)