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Liability for Offenses (According to the New Legal Regulation)

(Department of Administrative Studies and Administrative Law)

The topic of the section is chosen with regard to the new substantive (but also procedural) legal regulation of administrative offenses, effective in the Czech Republic from 1. 7. 2017. This is introduced namely by Act No. 250/2016 Coll., On Liability for Offenses and the Procedure of Offenses. In this section should be presented contributions generally pointing to the reform of this part of administrative punishment and the analyses of its outcomes. Core should be contributions to the substantive issues of administrative offenses, namely the definition of an administrative offense, the bases of liability for an administrative offense, the extinction of liability for administrative offenses, administrative penalties and their types, as well as other related substantive aspects,. In contributions will be expected analyses of changes in legal regulation of an administrative offenses. Foreign contributions and speakers are welcomed by contributions pointing to the foreign approaches to the issue of administrative punishment and administrative offenses and its substantive legal provisions, including systemic questions and links to the crimes.

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JUDr. Lukáš Potěšil, Ph.D.
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JUDr. David Hejč, Ph.D.
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