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List of Participans (by sections)

Limits and Possibilities of Inspiration of Criminal Proceedings by Anglo-American Features

  1. Mgr. Radka BARTOŠÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  2. JUDr. Daniela BENEDEKOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    A material witness
  3. MUDr. Mgr. Štěpánka BIBROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  4. Nikola BOCZKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  5. Mgr. Šimon BÖHM, Czech Republic
  6. Mgr. et Mgr. Klára BROŽOVIČOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Family group conferencing in the Czech legal and social environment
  7. Čeněk BŘENDA, Czech Republic
  8. Mgr. David ČEP, Czech Republic
    On Current State of Legal Framework of Corporate Criminal Liability and about Section 8 paragraph 5 of Act on Criminal Liability of Legal Entities and Proceedings Against Them
  9. JUDr. Simona DIBLÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  10. Mgr. BC. Lenka DUDKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  11. prof. JUDr. Jaroslav FENYK, Ph.D., DSc., Univ. Priv.Prof., Czech Republic
  12. Dominik FOJT, Czech Republic
    Cooperating accused in czech legal system
  13. doc. JUDr. Marek FRYŠTÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    upřesním později
  14. Tereza HAJDAJOVÁ, Czech Republic
  15. Kateřina HLAVÁČOVÁ , Czech Republic
    Defense of Entrapment v. Police Provocation
  16. Mgr. Jan HOLAS, Czech Republic
    Family group conferencing in the czech legal and social environment
  17. Adriana HORÁKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  18. docent Adrián JALČ, PhD, Slovak Republic
    Some principles in criminal justice in the context of the fight against terrorism
  19. Denisa JEMELÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  20. Prof. JUDr. Věra KALVODOVÁ, Dr., Czech Republic
    "Miranda Warning" - Possible also in the Czech Criminal Proceedings?
  21. Mgr. Katarína KANDOVÁ, Czech Republic
    About the principle of opportunity of crimininal prosecution a bit differently
  22. Dr. Gábor KOVÁCS, PhD, Hungary
  23. prof. JUDr. Vladimír KRATOCHVÍL, CSc., Czech Republic
  24. JUDr. Zdeněk KREJČÍ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  25. JUDr. Alena KRISTKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Cooperating Witness in a Comparative Perspective
  26. doc. JUDr. Josef KUCHTA, CSc., Czech Republic
  27. Mgr. Marcela LUKÁŠOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Elements of Anglo-American criminal proceedings in current practice of Public Prosecutor's Office
  28. Jan MALÝ, Czech Republic
  29. JUDr. Veronika MARKOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Contradiction in Pre-trial process
  30. Filip MAZEL, Czech Republic
  31. Mgr. et. Mgr. Zuzana MEDELSKÁ TKÁČOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Development of protection against domestic violence institutes with reference to Anglo-American legal culture
  32. Martin MIČKAL, Czech Republic
  33. Mgr. Zdeněk MICHORA, Czech Republic
    Crown Witness - history, present, future
  34. Anna MIKULÍKOVÁ , Czech Republic
  35. JUDr. Jiří MULÁK, Czech Republic
  36. Mgr., Bc. Nikol NEVEČEŘALOVÁ, Czech Republic
  37. Dr Mónika NOGEL, Hungary
    Význam znaleckého posudku v trestnom konaní (Európsky prehľad)
  38. JUDr. Stanislav PAVOL, Slovak Republic
    Lobbying and its feasibility of regulation
  39. Mgr. Veronika POCHYLÁ, Czech Republic
    Pre-trial judge in czech criminal law
  40. Mgr. Katarína RUSINKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Family group conferencing in the czech legal and social environment
  41. Zuzana SAKAŘOVÁ, Czech Republic
  42. Gabriela SCHWANKOVÁ , Czech Republic
  43. Mgr. Zdeněk Jiří SKUPIN, Czech Republic
    Elements of Anglo-American criminal proceedings in current practice of Public Prosecutor's Office
  44. JUDr. Eva SZABOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Plea bargain and ,,common law means" of enhancing of its legislation
  45. doc. JUDr. Filip ŠČERBA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Future of Non-professionals in Decision-making of Criminal Cases
  46. JUDr. Ing. Michael ŠEFČÍK, Czech Republic
    The agreement on guilt and punishment in the cases of particularly serious tax crimes
  47. JUDr. Monika ŠKROVÁNKOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    The reflection on the possible elements of adversary system in the criminal proceedings before court in the Slovak Republic
  48. JUDr- Anežka TUROŠÍKOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Agreement on guilt and punishment as a modern phenomenon Slovak criminal proceedings
  49. doc. PhDr. Martina URBANOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Family group conferencing in the czech legal and social environment
  50. JUDr. Roman VICHEREK, Czech Republic
    Commission for conditional release - anglo-american element in the proceedings of conditional release from prison
  51. Mgr. Jiří VLACH, Czech Republic
  52. prof. JUDr. Jozef ZÁHORA, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Organisation of the Pre-trial Proceeding in the Common Law Legal System
  53. Veronika ŽOCHOVÁ, Czech Republic

Control and Inspection in Environmental Protection

  1. Dominik BERÁNEK, Czech Republic
  2. doctor/ PhD Paulina BIEŚ-SROKOSZ, Poland
    control and supervision performed over entities realizing public tasks related to environmental protection by the competent ministries in Poland
  3. Dr (PhD) Daria DANECKA, Poland
  4. JUDr. Helena DOLEŽALOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  5. JUDr. Jana DUDOVÁ, Ph.D, Czech Republic
    Problematic control mechanisms of protection against noise pollution from music production
  6. Mgr. Martin DUFALA, PhD., Slovak Republic
    The control and supervisory bodies in the field of municipal waste management
  7. JUDr. Martina FRANKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Action in the public interest (actio popularis) in environmental matters
  8. Jakub HANÁK, Czech Republic
    Will be specified
  9. JUDr. Petra HUMLÍČKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee in case law
  10. Mgr. Jana CHÁBEROVÁ, Czech Republic
  11. JUDr. Anna CHAMRÁTHOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The importance of action under art. 66 Code of Administrative Justice for the protection of environment
  12. mgr. Adam CHOCIEJ, Poland
    Practical problems of the environmental protection control in Polish law from the perspective of an entrepreneur
  13. JUDr.RNDr. Jaroslav CHYBA, DrSc., Czech Republic
    Physical and legal limits to control activities
  14. JUDr. Ilona JANČÁŘOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The |mportance and Development Trends of "Catch-All-Provisions" in the Environmental Law
  15. Markéta KORBÁŘOVÁ, Czech Republic
  16. Mgr. et Mgr. Helena MALÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    End of Life Vehicles - Environmental Controlling Mechanisms
  17. Mgr. Michal MATOUŠ, Czech Republic
    Suspensive effect and the (in)efficiency of judicial protection in the review of building projects
  18. phd Magdalena MICHALAK, dr, Poland
    Environmantal inspections in POland
  19. Matúš MICHALOVIČ, Slovak Republic
    Guards as a control subjects s in enforcing environmental protection
  20. doc. JUDr. Ing. Milan PEKÁREK, CSc., Czech Republic
  21. JUDr. Lucie PROCHÁZKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  22. Doc. JUDr. Ivana PRŮCHOVÁ, CSc., Czech Republic
  23. Mgr. Václav SEDLÁČEK, Czech Republic
    Administrative delicts in Water Act before and after 1st July 2017
  24. JUDr. Michal SOBOTKA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Selected issues of remedial measures imposition
  25. Mgr. Jakub STROUHAL, Czech Republic
    Environmental Inspections in EU Law
  26. Mgr. Tomáš SVOBODA, Czech Republic
    Role of Public Participation in Environmental Protection
  27. Colette ŠINSKÁ, Slovak Republic
  28. Mgr. Kateřina ŠVARCOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The supervision over municipal activities in the field of the environmental protection
  29. JUDr. Ondřej VÍCHA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The Environmental supervision of mining - fiction or reality?
  30. Mgr. Vojtěch VOMÁČKA, Czech Republic
    Environmental Inspections in EU Law
  31. JUDr. Dominik ŽIDEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Construction supervision as a means of environmental protection

Ten Years of Effectiveness of the Administrative Code from the Viewpoint of Practice of the Courts

  1. Mgr. Aleš BLAHUT, Czech Republic
  2. Kateřina BRANDEJSOVÁ, Czech Republic
  3. Jan BROŽ, Czech Republic
    The bias in administrative proceedings from the view of (not only) the administrative courts
  4. Dr. Lajos CSÖRGITS, Hungary
    Sports administration in Hungary
  5. Vojtěch ČÁP, Czech Republic
  6. prof. UJ dr hab. Dorota DABEK, Poland
  7. Jakub DOSEDĚL, Czech Republic
  8. Hana DVOŘÁKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  9. JUDr. Zdeněk FIALA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Obecná právní úprava přezkumného řízení v reflexi aplikační praxe
  10. JUDr. Kateřina FRUMAROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  11. JUDr. David HEJČ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  12. JUDr. Petr HLUŠTÍK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  13. JUDr. Monika HORÁKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Bude doplněn
  14. JUDr. Matej HORVAT, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Changes to Interpretation of articles of the Act on Administrative Procedure in the Case-Law of the Administrative Courts
  15. Mgr. Darina CHVOSTEKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Interpretation Issues of Administrative Procedure Code from the Perspective of the Supreme Administrative Court
  16. JUDr. Jana JANDEROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Generally binding measures and observance of the principle of proportionality
  17. Kamil JELÍNEK, Czech Republic
  18. JUDr. Mgr. Luboš JEMELKA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  19. Mgr. Marcela KAŠPÁRKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The review proceeding as a tool for solving collision between two administrative decisions rendered in the same case
  20. Mgr. Bc. Ivo KEISLER, Czech Republic
    Application of the Code of Administrative Procedure from the Perspective of Case Law
  21. dr Przemyslaw KLEDZIK, Poland
    Influence of administrative courts practice on the administrative procedure in Poland
  22. JUDr. Alena KLIKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  23. Jan KLOUČEK, Czech Republic
    Delivery from admistrative law prespective
  24. Ing. Naděžda KOUBKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  25. PhD Artur KRAKAŁA, Poland
    The annulment of an administrative decision on the example of the Polish and Czech procedure
  26. Mgr. Petr KRUTIŠ, Czech Republic
  27. Ing. Bc. Karel LÁBR, Czech Republic
  28. Ing. Bc. Hana LAJČÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  29. Master of Law Michał MAKUCH, Poland
    Participation of an ecological organisation in administrative proceedingss
  30. Mgr. Kristýna MLEZIVOVÁ, Czech Republic
    will be specifed
  31. Filip NEČAS, Czech Republic
  32. Mgr. Jana PECKOVÁ HODEČKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The application of the Code of Administrative Procedure in decision-making regarding an application for subsidy
  33. JUDr.Ing. Bernard PEKÁR, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Judicial surveillance of decisions of national administrative bodies and its supranational context
  34. Mgr. Bc. Petra PIMKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Right to Choose an Electronic Delivery Address in Administrative Procedure in the Light of the Current Case Law
  35. Ing. Jaroslav POSPÍŠIL, Czech Republic
  36. JUDr. Soňa POSPÍŠILOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Means of protection against inactivity of public administration in view of judicature
  37. JUDr. Lukáš POTĚŠIL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Nullity From the Scope of the Code of Administrative Procedure and Case Law
  38. doc. JUDr. Olga POUPEROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  39. Mgr. Petr PROKOP, Czech Republic
  40. Prof. JUDr. Petr PRŮCHA, CSc., Czech Republic
  41. dr Łukasz PRUS, Poland
  42. JUDr. Stanislav SEDLÁČEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  43. Mgr. Jan SCHEUER, Czech Republic
  44. Doc. JUDr. Soňa SKULOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    bude upřesněn
  45. Mgr. David SLOVÁČEK, Czech Republic
    The application of the Code of Administrative Procedure in decision-making regarding an application for subsidy
  46. JUDr. Veronika SMUTNÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  47. Professor Jerzy SUPERNAT, Poland
  48. JUDr. Martin ŠKUREK, Czech Republic
    The principle of material truth from the perspective of the administrative courts case law
  49. Jakub ŠŤASTNÝ, Czech Republic
  50. Mgr. Jan TEPLÝ, Czech Republic
  51. JUDr. Radomíra VALÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  52. Mgr. Pavel VŠETIČKA, Czech Republic
  53. Ewa WÓJCICKA, Ph.D., Poland
    The principle of trust towards public authorities in the case-law of administrative courts
  54. Ewelina ŻELASKO-MAKOWSKA, doktor, Poland
    The application of the Code of Administrative Procedure in Polish supervisory procedure in the assessment of the administrative court
  55. Adam ZEMAN, Czech Republic
  56. Mgr. Ing. Bc. Josef ŽÁK, Czech Republic

The impact of EU law on Czech legal regulation of unfair competition and unfair business practices

  1. Veronika ANTOŠOVÁ, Czech Republic
  2. Hynek BROŽ, Czech Republic
  3. Vlastimil CALABA, Czech Republic
    Bid Rigging And Public Procurement
  4. Mgr. Natálie DOČEKALOVÁ, Czech Republic
  5. JUDr. Jana DUDOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Selected misleading practices and consumer health
  6. Mgr. Iva FELLEROVÁ PALKOVSKÁ, Czech Republic
    Foundations and evolution of unfair competition law in the EU
  7. Lukáš GAMOVSKÝ, Czech Republic
  8. Zuzana HLAVÁČOVÁ, Czech Republic
  9. Jiří HRADSKÝ, Czech Republic
  10. Filip KŘEPELKA, Czech Republic
  11. Mgr. Tereza LEVICKÁ, Czech Republic
    Misleading advertising - the effect of the European Union's law on the Czech regulation of the issue
  12. doc. JUDr. Dana ONDREJOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Particularly Vulnerable Consumer according to Unfair Commercial Practices Law
  13. Mgr. Iveta ROHOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Unfair Competition from the Conflict-of-Laws Perspective
  14. JUDr. David SEHNÁLEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Unfair competition: EU Regulation in the Area of Private International law and the Impact on the Czech Legal Practice
  15. Markéta TŘÍSKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  16. JUDr. Eva VEČERKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Selected misleading practices and consumer health
  17. Mgr. Michal VÍTEK, Czech Republic
    Annex to Directive 2005/29 as Limitation of Legislative Power
  18. Dominika ZAVADOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Transposition of directives - road to unified legal regulation on law against unfair competition?

Termination of international obligations and withdrawal from international organizations - with special focus on "Brexit"

  1. Jan BIRAVSKÝ, Czech Republic
  2. Mgr. Filip GLÉZL, Austria
    Analysis of ways to exit the European union by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the light of international, European and British law
  3. JUDr. Radim CHARVÁT, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
    Brexit and EU intellectual property protection
  4. Ondřej KAŠPAR, Czech Republic
  5. Mgr. et Mgr. Stela KOVAĽOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Withdrawal of a country from the international organization
  6. Anna LÁNÍČKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    "Brexit" and free movement of persons
  7. PhDr., JUDr., Mgr. Jozef MEDELSKÝ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Entry and Withdrawal of a Member State of an international organization
  8. Zdeněk NOVÝ, Czech Republic
    The Consequences of the so-called Brexit for International Investment Arbitration
  9. Mgr. Pavla PLACHÁ, Czech Republic
  10. Mgr. Jiří PLATOVSKÝ, Czech Republic
  11. Tereza PRÁŠKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  12. Richard STAŇO, Slovak Republic
  13. Doc. JUDr. Václav STEHLÍK, LL.M., Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Impact of Brexit on the free movement of persons - possible scenarios
  14. Mgr. Eva ŠMAKALOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The impact of Brexit on obligations of the United Kingdom in the field of supranational asylum law
  15. Mgr. et Mgr. Kristina ŠPOTTOVÁ, Czech Republic
  16. doc. JUDr. PhDr. Robert ZBÍRAL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    How to exonerate national law from EU law's clasp? Legislative consequences of Brexit

The Principle of Party Autonomy in the International Environment

  1. JUDr. Petr DOBIÁŠ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Party Autonomy during the Conclusion of the International Insurance and Reinsurance Contracts
  2. JUDr. Klára DRLIČKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  3. Árpád GYURIS, Hungary
    Options and issues concerning party autonomy
  4. Mgr. David HEYDUK, Czech Republic
    Party autonomy in regulation on succession
  5. JUDr. Miluše HRNČIŘÍKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    bude upřesněno
  6. Mgr. Pavlína JANEČKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Causes of positive conflicts of jurisdiction to international divorce of marriage
  7. Mgr. Tomáš KOZÁREK, Czech Republic
    Will be specified
  8. JUDr. Tereza KYSELOVSKÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Scope and limitations of autonomy of parties in international licensing agreements
  9. JUDr. Miloš LEVRINC, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Autonomy of will by law no. 244/2002 Z.z. Arbitration
  10. Mgr. Silvie MAHDALOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Space for Flexibility in the European Insolvency Law (?)
  11. JUDr. Mag. iur. Michal MALACKA, Ph.D., MBA, Czech Republic
    Kodifikace, unifikace, divergence a autonomie vůle v MPS
  12. Mgr Mária PASTORKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Limitation of choice of law in licence agreements
  13. Mgr. Kateřina REMSOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Legitimacy of the Choice of Law for Individual Contracts of Employment
  14. Mgr. Dušan SCHMIDT, Czech Republic
  15. Doc. JUDr. PhDr. Miroslav SLAŠŤAN, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Variations in alternative jurisdiction of the court under Article 7 of the Brussels I bis Regulation or where is possibitilty to sue the ICC
  16. Mgr. Iva ŠIMKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Parties' will's restritions resulting from lex arbitri - focusing on the merits isuues
  17. Amastasios TRONTZOS, Czech Republic
  18. Kateřina ZABLOUDILOVÁ, Czech Republic
  19. JUDr. Lucie ZAVADILOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Role of the choice of law in matters of matrimonial property regimes

Juridical acts (contracts)

  1. Kateřina AUGUSTÍNOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Fiction of the non-adoption of a general meeting resolution
  2. JUDr. Martin BABJAK, Slovak Republic
  3. Josef BÁRTŮ, Czech Republic
  4. prof. JUDr. Josef BEJČEK, CSc., Czech Republic
  5. Dominik BERAN, Czech Republic
  6. JUDr. Petr BEZOUŠKA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    member of the discussion panel "The Consequences of the Invalid Contracts and Other Juridical Acts"
  7. Mgr. Michal BLAŽEK, Czech Republic
  8. Mgr. Kateřina BLISOVÁ, Czech Republic
    A Contract between a Corporation and a Member of Its Body – Does Breach of Rules in Art. 55 to Art. 57 Affect the Validity of the Contract?
  9. Luboš BRIM, Czech Republic
    Legal consequences of forging a signature in civil law
  10. JUDr. Petr COUFALÍK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The interrelation of the legal acts and the procedural acts
  11. doc. JUDr. Kristián CSACH, PhD., LL.M., Slovak Republic
    member of the discussion panel "Real Questions of Interpretation of Forming Juridical Acts on Establishing Corporations of Private Law"
  12. Michaela DAŇKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  13. Raluca Elena DINCULESCU, PhD candidate, Romania
    Some Causes of Ineffectiveness of Contracts in the New Romanian Civil Code
  14. Mgr. Matěj DOBEŠ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Bill of Exchange Juridicial Negotiations
  15. doc. JUDr. Anton DULAK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    member of the discussion panel "The Consequences of the Invalid Contracts and Other Juridical Acts"
  16. doc. JUDr. Denisa DULAKOVÁ JAKÚBEKOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Legal consequences caused by defects in a legal action - an agent contract - closed between the consumer and the real estate agency outside of its business premises.
  17. JUDr. Jana DURAČINSKÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Legal acts of the company with limited capacity to enter into legal acts
  18. Zuzana DVOŘÁKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    To Determine the Specific Rights Incorporated to the Share
  19. JUDr. Milan EBERLE, Czech Republic
  20. prof. JUDr. Karel ELIÁŠ, Dr., Czech Republic
    The Consequences of the Invalid Contracts and Other Juridical Acts
  21. Dr. Jácint FERENCZ, PhD, Hungary
    Artificial agreements and agreements of formal default in Hungarian labour law
  22. prof. JUDr. Josef FIALA, CSc., Czech Republic
    the opening of the section "Contracts and Other Juridical Acts"
  23. Fodor T. GABOR, Hungary
    The Mandatory Content of the Labour Contract in the Hungarian Law and the Legal Consequences of Their Failure
  24. PhD Professor Daniel GHITA, Romania
    Solutions to Some Difficulties in the Performance of Contracts in Romanian Civil Law
  25. JUDr. Lukáš HADAMČÍK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Nullity and legitimacy of lessor´s notice of termination of residential lease
  26. JUDr. Klára HAMUĽÁKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  27. JUDr. Jiří HANDLAR, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    member of the discussion panel "The Consequences of the Invalid Contracts and Other Juridical Acts"
  28. David HANUŠ, Czech Republic
  29. doc. JUDr. Bohumil HAVEL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    key speech "Real Questions over the Interpretation of Forming Juridical Acts on Establishing Corporations of Private Law"
  30. JUDr. Jan HORECKÝ, Ph.D, Czech Republic
  31. Kristýna HORKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  32. Zdeněk HOUDEK, Czech Republic
    Insturuction within group of companies: juridical act and legal effect
  33. Lukáš HRABEC, Czech Republic
  34. Vít HRAZDÍRA, Czech Republic
  35. Mgr. Miloslav HRDLIČKA, Czech Republic
  36. Pavlína HRUBÁ, Czech Republic
  37. JUDr. Milan HULMÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    member of the discussion panel "The Interpretation of Bussiness Terms and Conditions"
  38. prof. JUDr. Jan HURDÍK, DrSc., Czech Republic
  39. JUDr. Michal JANOUŠEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Appeals donation for ingratitude
  40. Mgr. Miloslav KABRHEL, Czech Republic
    Juridicial acts of business corporations towards employees
  41. Jakub KLODWIG, Czech Republic
  42. Viktor KOLMAČKA, Czech Republic
  43. Jakub KONEČNÝ, Czech Republic
  44. JUDr. Tomáš KORČEK, Slovak Republic
  45. doc. JUDr. Josef KOTÁSEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Interpretace obchodních podmínek
  46. JUDr. Pavel KOUKAL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  47. JUDr. Jaromír KOŽIAK, Czech Republic
    Member of a Discussion Panel - 3rd segment of the programme
  48. JUDr. Vladimír KREMLÍK, Czech Republic
  49. JUDr. Gabriela KUBÁTOVÁ, Czech Republic
  50. Ondřej KUBÍK, Czech Republic
  51. Karel KVASNIČKA, Czech Republic
  52. doc. JUDr. Petr LAVICKÝ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Juridical Acts from the View of the Burden of Proof
  53. JUDr., Petr MACHÁLEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Legal act in labour law
  54. Klára MAZURIKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  55. PhD Tomasz MOLL, assistant professor, Poland
    The business activity of the Metropolitan Union
  56. Mgr. Drahomíra NĚMCOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Court Settlement As A Legal Act
  57. Mgr. Robert PEŠA, Czech Republic
  58. Ph.D. in Law Doktor nauk prawnych Katarzyna PŁONKA-BIELENIN, Doktor nauk prawnych, Poland
    The Civil Law of the Public-Private Partnership Agreement - an Outline of the Issue
  59. Mgr. Monika PŘÍKAZSKÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Invalidity of Legal Acts in Specific Regulations
  60. AHMED REFAT, China
  61. JUDr. Kateřina RONOVSKÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    key speech "Real Questions over the Interpretation of Forming Juridical Acts on Establishing Corporations of Private Law"
  62. Ing. Mgr. Radek RUBAN, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    K formě zakladatelského právního jednání ústavu
  63. JUDr. Monika SEILEROVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Acting of employer - legal person in labour - law relations
  64. Mgr. Kateřina SMOLÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  65. Professor PhD Scurtu STEFAN, Romania
    Consequences of the Failure to Comply with the Legal Requirements for the Valid Conclusion of Contracts, as Provided in the Romanian Civil Code
  66. JUDr. Jaroslav STRÁNSKÝ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Consequences of Void Legal Acts in Labour Relations
  67. David STŘÍŽ, Czech Republic
  68. JUDr. Jana SÝKOROVÁ, Slovak Republic
    The Gordian knot of Bancassurance
  69. Milan ŠAJER, Czech Republic
  70. Mgr. Ľuboš ŠIMONČIČ, Slovak Republic
    The Gordian knot of Bancassurance
  71. JUDr. Martin ŠMÍD, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Selected aspects of legal action in labour law
  72. Štěpán ŠTARHA, Czech Republic
  73. JUDr. Žofia ŠULEKOVÁ, PhD., MCL, Slovak Republic
    The nature of acts associated with the general meeting of shareholders and the consequences of defective acts
  74. Veronika TROJČÁKOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Several differences between statutory approach of Civil Code and Commercial Code with respect to mutual restitution of parties of void or terminated contract upon withdrawal
  75. Mgr. Erik VADAS, Slovak Republic
    Acts of the court and the parties in the course of disputes to protection of the disadvantaged party
  76. Mgr. Viktor VARGA, Slovak Republic
    Limits of the electronization of labour-law acts
  77. Mgr. Bc. Pavel VÁŽAN, Czech Republic
    Violation of pre-emption and its effect on the validity of legal actions
  78. Mgr. Anna VELIČKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  79. dr. Attila VERMES, Hungary
    Insurance law in the 21th Century
  80. Mgr. Václav VODA, Czech Republic
    member of the discussion panel "Real Questions of Interpretation of Forming Juridical Acts on Establishing Corporations of Private Law"
  81. Mgr. Hana ZEMANOVÁ ŠIMONOVÁ , LL.M., Czech Republic
    The Form of Legal Acts in Labour Relations and Consequences of Breach of the Form
  82. Mgr. Radomír ZIMEK, Czech Republic
  83. JUDr. Tomáš ZVERKA, Slovak Republic
    Defects of legal acts and their consequences in theory and practice
  84. Tomáš ZVONÍČEK, Czech Republic

Constitutional Aspects of the Criminal Procedure

  1. doc. JUDr. Boris BALOG, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Constitutional limit on the use of evidence in criminal proceedings
  2. Mgr., Bc. Martina BARÁKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Expert Opinions in Extremism Penal Proceedings
  3. JUDr. Andrej BELEŠ, Slovak Republic
  4. Mgr. Jaroslav BENÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  5. Adéla BILOVÁ, Czech Republic
  6. dr. Ágnes BUCHINGER, Slovak Republic
    National Partnership. The aim is the formation of individual penalty enforcement
  7. JUDr. Ludvík DAVID, CSc., Czech Republic
  8. Dr Djuro DJUROVIĆ, LL.M., Srbsko
    Constitutional right to trial within reasonable time and executing the “reasonable time” decisions of the ECHR
  9. Mgr. Ivo HAHN, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  10. JUDr. Denisa HAMRANOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    No/observance of human rights of victims in criminal proceeding - Slovak Republic vs. Czech Republic
  11. Mgr. Bc. Monika HANYCH, Czech Republic
    Mass media interventions to constitutionally guaranteed rights of individuals in criminal proceedings
  12. Mgr. Iva HAUPTFLEISCHOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Rights of Non-participating Persons during Arrest
  13. Mgr. Jana HEJDOVÁ, Czech Republic
  14. JUDr. Čestmír CHALOUPKA, Czech Republic
  15. Dr. Nemeth IMRE, PhD., Hungary
    The Changing Burden of Proof and the Right to a Fair Trial in the Hungarian Criminal Procedure
  16. Mgr. Michal JÍLOVEC, Czech Republic
    Constitutional interpretation the § 26 of the Code of Criminal Procedure
  17. Mgr. Pavel KANDALEC, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
    Substandard Satisfaction for Standard Mistake
  18. Doc. JUDr. Zdeněk KOUDELKA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Competencies of court and public prosecution in the pre-trial stage of criminal procedure – Constitutional Court Judgment No. Pl. ÚS 4/2014
  19. Mgr. Vítězslav KOZÁK, Czech Republic
    Constitutional interpretation the § 26 of the Code of Criminal Procedure
  20. Mgr. Bc. Pavel MÁLEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  21. doc. JUDr. Klaudia MARCZYOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    The right to a fair trial
  22. Dr. Klára NAGY, PhD., Hungary
    Rules of data handling in the bill on criminal procedure in Hungary
  23. Dr Marko NOVAKOVIC, LL.M., Srbsko
    Constitutional right to trial within reasonable time and executing the “reasonable time” decisions of the ECHR
  24. Mgr. Martin ORVISKÝ, Slovak Republic
    Constitutional Aspects of legal restraint in Criminal Procedure
  25. Mgr. et Mgr. Tereza PAPOUŠKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Right of access to a lawyer in case of persons detained without formal accussation
  26. Ing. Mgr. Jan PIAZZA, Czech Republic
  27. Lenka PÍČOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Legal amendments of the Czech criminal procedure and question of its constitutionality
  28. Mgr. Marián PIVÁČEK, Slovak Republic
    Constitutional aspects of the right to inviolability of the home and their implementation in practice
  29. JUDr. Ladislav POKORNÝ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  30. Alžbeta ROSINOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Right to an Impartial Judge and Abuse of Recusal in the Criminal Proceedings
  31. Mgr. Eva SIHELNÍKOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Constitutional Aspects of legal restraint in Criminal Procedure
  32. prof. JUDr. Ján SVÁK, DrSc., Slovak Republic
  33. Tereza SYLVESTROVÁ, Czech Republic
    The principle of ne bis in idem and selected tax crimes
  34. Dr. Erika VARADI-CSEMA, PhD, Hungary
    Constitutional issues regarding the juvenile justice system
  35. Mgr. Radek VOJTEK, Czech Republic
    In respect to the seizure of funds and securities and resolution in the financial market
  36. MUDr. Mgr. Tomáš VOJTÍŠEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  37. Ladislav VYHNÁNEK, Czech Republic
  38. JUDr. Michal ŽOFČÁK, Slovak Republic
    Independence and impartiality of the judiciary

Current Issues of Intellectual Property Law

  1. Anna DRGOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Public Licenses in Tax Contexts
  2. Ing. Martina ENŽLOVÁ, Czech Republic
  3. Veronika FIEDLEROVÁ, Czech Republic
  4. Adéla FRENCLOVÁ, Czech Republic
  5. JUDr. Jakub HARAŠTA, Czech Republic
    Intellectual Property between neutrality and discrimination
  6. Mgr. Radomíra JAHODÁŘOVÁ, Czech Republic
  7. JUDr. Jindřich JANOUCH, Czech Republic
  8. Miroslava KLUSOVA, Czech Republic
  9. JUDr. Radka KOLKUSOVÁ, LL.M., Slovak Republic
    Nontraditional trademarks
  10. Karel LACH, Czech Republic
  11. Vladimír LAJSEK, Czech Republic
    Current Issues of the Patent Law as a Legal Monopoly
  12. Jiří MAREK, Czech Republic
    Otevírání dat v akademické praxi
  13. JUDr. MgA. Jakub MÍŠEK, Czech Republic
    Sui generis database rights as official work - interpretation problems of the trasitory provision
  14. JUDr. Matěj MYŠKA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Scientific research as limitation of intellectual property
  15. Radim NENÁL, Czech Republic
  16. Mgr. Petr OBDRŽÁLEK, Czech Republic
  17. Daniela PROCHÁZKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Plurality of subjects of database rights
  18. Mgr. Bc. Helena PULLMANNOVÁ, Czech Republic
  19. JUDr. Blanka SCHÖBLOVÁ, Czech Republic
  20. Mgr. Diana SYNKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Unfair competition and selected protected designation
  21. Martin ŠVÉDA, Czech Republic
  22. Adam TIETZ, Czech Republic
  23. Jan TOMÍŠEK, Czech Republic
    Intellectual property and health records
  24. Terezie VOJTÍŠKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  25. JUDr. Jan ZIBNER, Czech Republic
    Originality under the law of the European union

Legal Customs

  1. Petr DOSTALIK, Czech Republic
    Legal custom in the contemporary Czech Law
  2. Jan DVOŘÁK, Czech Republic
  3. JUDr. Erik ELIAS, Slovak Republic
    Legal custom as the most important source of Hungarian law
  4. JUDr. Miroslav FRÝDEK, Czech Republic
    Pagan Customs
  5. prof. JUDr. PhDr. Tomáš GÁBRIŠ, PhD., LLM, MA, Slovak Republic
    Custom in the light of archaeology of law
  6. Dr. Magdolna GEDEON, PhD, Hungary
    The Role of Customary Law in the Medieval Hungarian Mining Administration
  7. JUDr. Mgr. Ondřej HORÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Customary Law in the Legal Order of the Czech Republic
  8. Mgr. Michal CHORVÁT, Slovak Republic
    Civilians and prisoners in armed conflicts
  9. Mgr. Jiří CHROBÁK, Czech Republic
  10. JUDr. Lukáš KRÁLÍK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Material Publication of Law
  11. doc. JUDr. Miriam LACLAVÍKOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    The Customery Law in Hungary in Context of the Modern Times
  12. JUDr. Alexandra LETKOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Idioms as a source of customary law
  13. Mgr. Ondřej MÁLEK, Czech Republic
    Interpretation of custom (especially in international law)
  14. Lucie MRÁZKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  15. Ondřej PAVLECH, Czech Republic
  16. Alžbeta PEREJDOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    To be specified
  17. Mgr. Martina POSPÍŠILOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Coacquisita coniugum
  18. Mgr. Ivan PUŠKÁR, Slovak Republic
    Development and Position of Customary Rules in International Investment Law
  19. Eva REMIŠOVÁ, Czech Republic
  20. JUDr. Pavel SALÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Decimation - Specifical Military Punish
  21. JUDr. Mgr. Štefan SISKOVIČ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    View of historical school of jurists on custom law
  22. JUDr. Jan ŠEJDL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Consuetudo and lex - general description of their relationship
  23. Martin ŠLOSAR, Czech Republic
    Consuetudo - legal basis of the ancient Rome
  24. PhDr. Mgr. Jan ŠMÍD, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Origins of Law in thinking F. A. Hayek
  25. doc. JUDr. Ivana ŠOŠKOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Customary Law through the Prism of Sources of Law Doctrine
  26. Mgr. Ján ŠURKALA, PhD. , Slovak Republic
    A Nature of Customs in the Roman Law
  27. doc. JUDr. PhDr. Adriana ŠVECOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    The Customery Law in Hungary in Context of the Modern Times
  28. doc. JUDr. Bc. Jaromír TAUCHEN, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
  29. Prof. JUDr. Ladislav VOJÁČEK, CSc., Czech Republic
  30. Vojtěch VRBA, Czech Republic
    Piracy and maritime robbery - definition of a term as a result of an evolution of customary law?
  31. doc. JUDr. Peter VYŠNÝ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Legal custom within the legal order of Spanish American colonies
  32. Petra ZÁVODNÁ, Czech Republic

Recodification of Income Tax (90 Years After the Engliš's Tax Reform) – under the patronage of The First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Ing. Andrej Babiš

  1. Dr Dobrosława ANTONÓW, Poland
    Public tributes as tax deductible costs in personal income tax
  2. Mgr. Richard BARTES, Czech Republic
    French inspiration for the recodification of income taxes
  3. doc. JUDr. Radim BOHÁČ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Income Based Taxes – one or two Acts?
  4. JUDr. František BONK, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Thin capitalisation rules in slovak income tax law
  5. Professor Paweł BORSZOWSKI, Poland
  6. Piotr BUŁAWA, Poland
    Taxation of farmer’s incomes in Poland and the Czech Republic
  7. Dr Mgr. Damian CZUDEK, Ph.D, Czech Republic
  8. Mgr. Eva DĚDKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Income tax construction elements terminology
  9. dr Kowalewska EWA, Poland
    Taxation of farmer’s incomes in Poland and the Czech Republic
  10. Alexandra GAJOVÁ, Czech Republic
  11. Mgr. Yulia GOROSH, kandidat věd, Czech Republic
    Experience of tax reforms in modern law enforcement
  12. Mgr. Ing. Filip HEJL, Czech Republic
    Has value added tax all aspects of indirect taxes?
  13. Mgr. Simona HORNOCHOVÁ, Czech Republic
  14. Mgr. Lukáš HRDLIČKA, Czech Republic
  15. doc. JUDr. Gábor HULKÓ, PhD., Hungary
  16. Yasir HUSSAIN, LL.B, LL.M (London), Pakistan
  17. Helena HYNKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  18. Nikola CHÁBOVÁ, Czech Republic
  19. Prof. Elena CHERNIKOVA, CSc., DSc., Czech Republic
    Tax reforms and tax law (comporative law practice)
  20. Mgr. Kateřina JANÁČKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  21. mgr Tomasz JANICKI, Poland
    Taxation of selling goods in polish tax law
  22. Michal JANOVEC, Czech Republic
    Rent, accomodation, income tax and AIRBnB
  23. mgr Anna JANOWSKA, Poland
    Evolution of the regulations and shaping of the administrative courts decisions concerning fiscal effects of compensations under the income tax in Poland
  24. Ing. Martin JAREŠ, PhD., Czech Republic
    Relation of tax and accounting legislation
  25. Ing. Pavel JELÍNEK, Czech Republic
  26. Mgr. Monika JEŽKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Children and personal income tax
  27. JUDr. Ing. Matej KAČALJAK, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Proving the source of assets and illegal incomes
  28. doc. JUDr. Michael KOHAJDA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Expenditures Spent on Income Reached by Dependent Activity
  29. Katarzyna KOPYŚCIAŃSKA, dr, Poland
    Property tax in United States
  30. Ing. Mgr. Stanislav KOUBA, Czech Republic
    What is income
  31. Dr. PhD Rafał KOWALCZYK, Poland
    Taxation of personal income from agricultural activities in Poland
  32. Dr Mgr. Michal KOZIEŁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    bude upřesněn
  33. Jaroslav KRÁL, Czech Republic
    Active participation of financial institutions in identification of untaxed money
  34. Jana KRANECOVÁ, Czech Republic
  35. Mgr. Bc. Sandra KŘIČENSKÁ, Czech Republic
  36. Kateřina KUBENKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  37. Mgr. Michal LIŠKA, Czech Republic
    Incomes of article 7 of European Charter of Local Self-Government and its expenses
  38. Mgr. Petra LIŠKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Research and development tax´s deduction and its problem and praxis
  39. Prof. JUDr. Hana MARKOVÁ, CSc., Czech Republic
    Budgetary allocation of taxes as a design element taxes
  40. Miroslav MATEJ, Czech Republic
  41. Professor Wiesława MIEMIEC, Poland
  42. mgr Monika MICHALAK , Poland
    Relief for the children in the Polish Act on income tax from individuals.
  43. dr hab. Wojciech MORAWSKI, prof. UMK, Poland
    Does the polish legislator like family? (some observations on the background of regulation Polish act on personal income tax)
  44. JUDr. Ivana PAŘÍZKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  45. Mgr. Bc. Sabina PAZDEROVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Act on proving the origin of property in the Czech Republic and in selected countries of the European Union
  46. Ing. Bc. Marcel PITTERLING, PhD., Czech Republic
  47. doc. Karin PRIEVOZNÍKOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Legal aspects of tax evasion
  48. doc. JUDr. Ing. Michal RADVAN, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Supergross Wage
  49. JUDr Anna ROMÁNOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    The fight against circumvention of law within direct taxation in SR
  50. Mgr. Markéta RŮŽIČKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  51. JUDr. Kristýna ŘEZNÍČKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Personal Income Tax in The First Republic focused on Corrective Elements
  52. JUDr. Jozef SÁBO, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Decision-making process of the rational taxpayer and tax evasion
  53. JUDr. Tomáš SEJKORA, Czech Republic
    Expenditures Spent on Income Reached by Dependent Activity
  54. Ing. et Ing. Pavel SEMERÁD, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Non-taxable amounts - an economic point of view
  55. JUDr. Ing. Hana SKALICKÁ, Ph.D., BA, Czech Republic
    Taxation of dividends in the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  56. Mgr. Tereza SLÁDKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  57. Mgr. Andrea STACHUROVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Minimum tax in the form of tax license in the Slovak republic
  58. Mgr. Ivana STEHLÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  59. JUDr. Dana ŠRAMKOVÁ, Ph.D., MBA, Czech Republic
    Income tax in the Context of International Treaties and EU Law
  60. JUDr. Ivana ŠTIEBEROVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Taxation of Dividends in the Slovak Republic - a Step Forward?
  61. Ing. Monika ŠVEC BUŠOVSKÁ, PhD., Czech Republic
  62. Mgr. Václav TOUL, Czech Republic
    will be edited
  63. Mgr. Michal TULÁČEK, Czech Republic
    The Exchange of Country by Country Reports as a Mean of Reduction of Income Tax Base
  64. Bc. Timotej UŠÁK, Slovak Republic
  65. Mgr. Ing. Martina VALACHOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The character of royalties from the perspective of withholding tax application
  66. JUDr. Roman VYBÍRAL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Will be specified
  67. Professor Patrycja ZAWADZKA, Poland
  68. Simona Marie ZDEŇKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  69. JUDr. Lukáš ZRŮST, BA (Hons), LL.M., MBA, Czech Republic
    Bude doplňěno později

Karel Engliš - the Source of Inspiration for the Development of Law and Economics

  1. Ing. Milan BAŽANT, Czech Republic
  2. doc. JUDr. PhDr. Ilona BAŽANTOVÁ, CSc., Czech Republic
    Karel Engliš and his views on central banking
  3. Doc. Ing. Jiří BLAŽEK, CSc., Czech Republic
    The Importance of Karel Engliš for the Development of Economics
  4. Ing. Karolína ČERVENÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    The Ethical Aspects of Taxation in the Present Age
  5. Pavel DATINSKÝ, Czech Republic
    To the asses the creditworthiness of consumer in meaning of Consumer credit act
  6. doc. PhDr. Ing. Antonie DOLEŽALOVÁ, Ph.D, Czech Republic
    Karel Engliš: My American Yourney
  7. Mgr. Marcel FANDÁK, LL.M., Slovak Republic
  8. prof. PhDr. Kamil FUCHS, CSc., Czech Republic
  9. Ing. Lubomír GERÁK, Czech Republic
    Several Notes on History of the Czech National Bank
  10. JUDr. Martin HAPLA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  11. JUDr. Lukáš HLOUCH, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  12. dr Andrzej HUCHLA, Poland
    Simplified Tax Assessment in Polish Income Taxes
  13. Mgr. Petr JORDÁN, Czech Republic
  14. Zdeňka JORDÁNOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Professor Karel Engliš and His Legacy Today
  15. doc. JUDr. Rudolf KASINEC, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Teleological analysis of the law in terms of Engliš legal logic
  16. Bc. Mgr. Jan Petr KOSINKA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Teleological method of Karel Engliš
  17. Ing. Tomáš KRIŠTOFÓRY, Czech Republic
    Teleology, Universalism and Neuropsychology: Czech-Austrian Contacts at the Birth of Methodological Discussions
  18. Vít KROPJOK, Czech Republic
    Economic and Business Implications of the Post-Crisis Banking Regulation in the United States and the European Union
  19. JUDr. Ing. Libor KYNCL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  20. JUDr. Petr OSINA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Economic justice and natural law
  21. JUDr. Ing. PhDr. Ladislav POLIAK, Slovak Republic
    Evaluation of selected institutes of local taxation in conditions of Slovak Republic
  22. Mgr. Olga ROSENKRANZOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  23. PhDr., Mgr. Pavel SEKNIČKA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Contribution of Karel Engliš to Forming of Science of Finance and His Legacy for Today
  24. Mgr. Johan SCHWEIGL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    LTV/LTI Limits as a Macroprudential Tool of the Czech National Bank
  25. PhDr. Radek SOBĚHART, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Karel Engliš as the victim of a "clash of civilizations"
  26. JUDr. Jindřiška ŠEDOVÁ, CSc., Czech Republic
  27. Ing. Mgr. Josef ŠÍP, Czech Republic
    Financial constitution
  28. doc. PhDr. Iva ŠMÍDOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  29. Ing. Eva TOMÁŠKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Public expenditures in Karel Engliš conception
  30. doc. PhDr. Lukáš VALEŠ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The Czech Finance Ministers Between Politics and Public Administration - Continuity of Discontinuity?
  31. JUDr. Jarmila VAŠULKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  32. prof. JUDr. PhDr. Miloš VEČEŘA, CSc., Czech Republic
  33. Prof. PhDr.et JUDr Miloš VEČEŘA , CSc., Czech Republic
    The importance of K.Engliš to the Czech legal theory and philosophy.
  34. Mgr. Jozef VLČEJ, Ph.D., Slovak Republic

Péče o jmění dítěte

  1. JUDr. Bc. Stanislav BRUNCKO, Czech Republic
    Maintenance as a child´s property
  2. JUDr. Ing. Radovan DÁVID, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Child´s Property Management in the Context of Insolvency Law
  3. JUDr. Lenka DOBEŠOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  4. Hana GABRIELOVÁ, Czech Republic
  5. Richard HAJDU, Czech Republic
  6. Mgr. Barbora HUDKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The guardian of the child' s property
  7. Vlastimil JANDÁSEK, Czech Republic
  8. Andrea KORÁNOVÁ, Czech Republic
  9. JUDr. Jan KUBIZŇÁK, Czech Republic
    Care for the child's assets and liabilities by a financial irresponsible parent
  10. Mgr. Karolína KUTNAROVÁ, Czech Republic
    The child's property in relation to insolvency proceedings
  11. Zuzana LEBEDOVÁ, Czech Republic
  12. JUDr. Jindřich PSUTKA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    To some aspects of proper care for the child’s assets
  13. doktor Aleksandra STOPOVÁ KOZIOŁ, Poland
    Public policy in the Polish law against the background of European family law
  14. JUDr. Renáta ŠÍNOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Court´s consent to legal acts of minor children from the judicial perspective
  15. JUDr. Ondřej ŠMÍD, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Care about Child property - maintenance of siblings
  16. JUDr. Jakub VALC, Czech Republic
    Property right of unborn child and administration of his assets