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Limits and Possibilities of Inspiration of Criminal Proceedings by Anglo-American Features

(Department of Criminal Law)

Approximation of Anglo-American and European legal cultures during last decades affected (and affects) also criminal law. Typical examples of such approximations that already does exist are plea bargaining, declaration of effects that criminal act had at victim’s life, strengthening of breaches into principle of legality by presenting new features of principle of opportunity etc. From currently considered ones a guilty plea or increasing demands on activity of defense can be mentioned for instance. In connection with introduction of these institutes comes question such as to what extent we should adjust our legal system, which has its origins in quite historic and significantly different continental tradition or to what extent these adjustments clashes with their original substance and purpose. Therefore this section intents on contemplations de lege lata as well as de lege ferenda with respect to current and also potential future institutes originated from Anglo-American legal culture, especially on suitability and efficiency of their introduction, inconveniences that they represent for conformity with contemporary system, factors that should be considered by lawmaker during transfer of these features, as well as on reflections on future of convergence of continental and Anglo-American legal culture in the field of criminal law.

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