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Ten Years of Effectiveness of the Administrative Code from the Viewpoint of Practice of the Courts

(Department of Administrative Studies and Administrative Law)

It has been ten years since the Administrative Code (Act No. 500/2004 Coll.) came into effect. The Code with its vast scope of applicability provides a general legal regulation for procedures of application in public administration and thus incorporates a key legal regulation for proper functioning of public administration, including rights of its addressees. Considering the number of its amendments during ten years of its effectiveness, which is not high compared to contemporary hypertrophy of legislation in the Czech Republic, the legislative changes of the Administrative Code do not reach – even with respect to their content – such an importance as changes which the practice of mainly administrative courts introduces into an interpretation and application of Administrative Code. In many cases, the very conlusions and requirements included in the judicial decisions substantially specify and even change the interpretation and application of the Administrative Code, without any legislative change of the text of the respective provisions of Administrative Code itself. In the context of some such cases, it is sometimes called even completion or transformation of the Administrative Code. The section is dedicated to the influence and impacts of judicial decisions on the interpretation and the practice application of the Administrative Code, more precisely on the procedures of application in public administration which are governed by the system of legal regulation contained in the Administrative Code, in the context of specific legal institutes regulated by the Administrative Code. The contributions of foreign participants of the section should be - in the spirit of above mentioned – concerned with the problems of foreign practice of the courts influence on the local general legal regulation of procedures of application in public administration.

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JUDr. David Hejč, Ph.D., JUDr. Alena Kliková, Ph.D.
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