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Juridical acts (contracts)

(Department of Civil Law, Department of Commercial Law)

Section will focus on the concept of juridical acts (contracts), the consequences of defects of the juridical acts (contracts), interpretation of juridical acts.

This section will be divided into three discussion blocs:The Consequences of the Invalid Contracts and Other Juridical Acts, The Interpretation of Contracts and Other Juridical Acts, Real Questions of Interpretation of Forming Juridical Acts on Establishing Corporations of Private Law.

Each block will have only one keynote speech and then a panel discussion will be opened. For this reason it will not be possible for other participants to have oral presentations during the conference. However, papers intended for the collection of proceedings/e-book are highly appreciated.

Scientific Guarantor:
prof. JUDr. Josef Bejček, CSc., prof. JUDr. Josef Fiala, CSc.
Organizational Guarantor:
JUDr. Pavel Koukal, Ph.D., doc. JUDr. Ing. Josef Šilhán, Ph.D.
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Slovak, Czech
Publication Output:
reviewed proceedings (e-book)