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Section of Department of Administrative Studies and Administrative Law

Public Service in Public Administration (as service to public)

(Department of Administrative Studies and Administrative Law)

The topic of the conference is devoted (in domestic area to highly topical) issue of Public Service. It includes both aspects of the state civil service (especially under the current legal regulation of state service in the Czech Republic), as well as of local government officials, and services in the state security forces and the army. Subject matter may become issues of organization and management of the Public Service, professional exams, training, disciplinary liability, as well as wider and more general questions of legal liability associated with the performance of Public Service. Of course it also offers a comparison of different systems and international comparison, as well as the question of protection of persons in the Public Service, as well as the issue of requirements for the quality of the activities carried out in the Public Service, both in terms of legislation (in particular the implementation of the principles of good governance and respect for managed entities) and in terms of ethics and efficiency of Public Administration.

Scientific Guarantor:
doc. JUDr. Soňa Skulová, Ph.D.
Organizational Guarantor:
JUDr. Alena Kliková, Ph.D.
English, Slovak, Czech
Publication Output:
reviewed proceedings (e-book), monograph