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Environmental Impact Assessment - EIA, SEA

(Department of Environmental Law and Land Law)

Environmental Impact Assessment belongs among the most important preventive measures in environmental law. The EIA and SEA outcomes are crucial for any further urban development and for any decision of the competent authority or authorities which entitles the developer to proceed with the project. As a consequence, environmental impact assessment frequently becomes object of the court judgments and academic discussion. Recent development of both EU law and national law has brought many questions in this area worth attention and thorough debates.

Foreign participants are highly welcome to present their analysis and experience considering the EIA and SEA processes at whole, or focused on particular aspects of national and EU regulation. Comparative studies may reflect differences commonly seen in criteria for identifying activities that should be subject to EIA and plans and programmes subject to SEA, in the criteria for what is regarded as a significant environmental impact and in the philosophy of EIA and SEA including issues such as the role of EIA and SEA in decision making and the role of the public in impact assessment. Furthermore, contributions may analyze national procedures efficiency, procedures acceptability from economy sector, connection to the other instruments of planning and environment assessment, procedures and evaluation methods. Finally, participants dealing with international aspects of environmental impact assessments, transboundary impacts and cross – border procedures are called upon as well.

Scientific Guarantor:
Mgr. Vojtěch Vomáčka, Ph.D., LL.M.
Organizational Guarantor:
JUDr. Dominik Židek, Ph.D.
English, Slovak, Czech
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