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Section of Department of Financial Law and Economics

Oversight, supervision, control in the public financial activities

(Department of Financial Law and Economics)

An integral part of the financial activities of the State and public self-government is implementation of oversight, supervision and control for the accomplishment of their objectives. These mechanisms are involved and problematic not only with respect to their functioning, but also to the legal regulation. In the absence of the general financial Code, regulation of these mechanisms occurs in various forms in substance in all segments of the financial law, with varying proportion of competences of so called supervisors and controllers and with various catalogue of rights and obligations of subordinate subjects. The aim of the section is to share experience, knowledge and possible solutions, thus contributing to the improvement of the legislation of these institutes and ultimately finding the optimal solution for quality performance of public financial activities.

Scientific Guarantor:
doc. JUDr. Petr Mrkývka, Ph.D.
Organizational Guarantor:
Dr Mgr. Damian Czudek, Ph.D.
Polish, Russian, English, Slovak, Czech
Publication Output:
reviewed proceedings (e-book)