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Section of Department of Internalional Law and Law of European Union - public international law, law of EU

Responsibility of States, International Organisations and the European Union for Damages Caused to Individuals through Illegal Exercise of Public Power

(Department of International and European Law)

Conference section of law of the European Union and international public law will address responsibility of countries (states), international organizations and the European Union as supranational organization towards individuals and private legal entities for breach of international and supranational laws resulting from exercise of public power by them. Among others, liability of the European Union according art. 340 TFEU, liability of its member states for breach of EU law established by case-law Francovich etc., satisfaction awarded to individuals by the European Court for Human Rights for violation of the European Convention of Human Rights at the expense of violating member state of the Council of Europe, compensations to companies awarded by ICSID and arbitration for violation of bilateral investment treaties and emerging liability of states for harms caused during military and police peace-making and peace-keeping operations.

Scientific Guarantor:
doc. JUDr. Filip Křepelka, Ph.D.
Organizational Guarantor:
Mgr. Zdeněk Nový, Ph.D., LL.M., Mgr. Iveta Rohová
Slovak, Czech
Publication Output:
reviewed proceedings (e-book)