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List of Participans (in alpabeth order)

  1. Mgr. Hana ADAMOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Bees in civil law relations
  2. JUDr. Karel ALEXA, Czech Republic
    Set-off of Overpaid Tax Arisen from Unlawful Enforcement – Legitimate Protection of Public Budgets Revenues?
  3. University lecturer DIACONU ANA - MARIA, University lecturer, Romania
  4. JUDr. PhDr. Marek ANTOŠ, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
    Municipal self-government and foreigners
  5. JUDr. Petr AULICKÝ, Czech Republic
  6. Mgr. Lenka BAHÝĽOVÁ, Czech Republic
  7. Mgr. Daniel BACHO, Czech Republic
    The "right" interpretation of the law of the EU
  8. Mgr. Zuzana BALÁŽOVÁ, Slovak Republic
  9. JUDr. PhDr. Stanislav BALÍK , Czech Republic
    Regulations of 1959 for the nationalization of housing properties in Czechoslovakia and their period application
  10. doc. JUDr. Boris BALOG, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Effect of differentiation of civil and criminal matters in the guarantees of fair trial
  11. JUDr. Andrea BARANCOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Legislative intervention in favour of protection of private-law relations while using the security transfer of rights.
  12. Mgr. Róbert BARDAČ, Slovak Republic
    Application of EU Law in the judicial practice of Slovak district and regional courts
  13. Gabriela BARTOŠOVÁ, Czech Republic
  14. Mgr. Bc. Jan BEER, Czech Republic
    Equality causus in prison
  15. prof. JUDr. Josef BEJČEK, CSc., Czech Republic
    On controversion and complementarity of fundamental directions of European and national competition policies
  16. JUDr. Dagmar BĚLINOVÁ, Czech Republic
  17. Mgr. Jaroslav BENÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Fair Trial as an Instrument for Environmental Protection
  18. Mgr. Eva BIEDERMANOVÁ , Czech Republic
  19. Mgr. Jana BÍLKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  20. MVDr. Věra BILLOVÁ, Czech Republic
  21. Pavel BIRIUKOV, dr.ji.? professor, Russian Federation
    Questions of legal person’s criminal liability for corruption crimes in some countries-members of the EU.
  22. Judr. Mgr. Igor BLAHUŠIAK, Czech Republic
    Interpretation of the EU law by the highest courts in the Czech Republic: Conflict or cooperation?
  23. Mgr. Jan BLAŽEK, Czech Republic
  24. Lukáš BOGOŠ, Czech Republic
    Potential corruption aspects of the institution "Settlement of crime" in Czech republic
  25. Lukáš BOGOŠ, Czech Republic
    Potential corruption aspects of the institution "Settlement of crime" in Czech republic
  26. doc. JUDr. Radim BOHÁČ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The term tax under the tax laws
  27. JUDr. Petra BOHŮNOVÁ, LL.M. Eur. Int., Czech Republic
    The Place of Performance of the Obligation as an Example of the Interaction Between CISG and Regulation Brussels I
  28. JUDr. Lukáš BOHUSLAV, Czech Republic
    Corruption and the Criminal Liability of Corporations
  29. University professor doctor Moise BOJINCA, Romania
  30. Mgr. Petr BOUDA, Czech Republic
    Interpretation of indirect discrimination after the enactment of the Charter of fundamental rights of European union
  31. JUDr. Lenka BRADÁČOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  32. Lucie BRACHOVÁ, Czech Republic
  33. JUDr. Eva BRUCKNEROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  34. JUDr. Bc. Stanislav BRUNCKO, Czech Republic
    Child maintenance in the Czech republic and its connection with human rights
  35. mgr Renata BUDLEWSKA, Poland
  36. doc. JUDr. Mária BUJŇÁKOVÁ, CSc., Slovak Republic
    Aktuálne otázky verejných financií
  37. JUDr. Vladimír BULINSKÝ, Czech Republic
  38. doc. JUDr. Eduard BURDA, Ph.D., Slovak Republic
    Crime of election corruption
  39. JUDr. Katarína BURDOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Right to respect for private and family life of child abductor.
  40. Mgr. Ing. Lenka BURSÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Prejudice of the officers of the local self-governments
  41. Mag. Jürgen BUSCH, LL.M., D.E.A., Austria
    Judicial Communities: Kelsen in Geneva revisited
  42. Zuzana CANDIGLIOTA, Czech Republic
    The period of limitation for state liability under the Act 82/1998 and the right to a fair trial
  43. PhDr. Martin CEJP , CSc., Czech Republic
    Opinion of Czech Adults about Corruption within the Government Administration
  44. Mgr.et Mgr. Bc. Hana CEJPEK MUSILOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Bees in law
  45. JUDr. Martin CEMPÍREK, Czech Republic
    Selected Legal Aspects of Forest Easements
  46. judge Anamaria Cristina CERCEL, PHD, Romania
    Considerations on the first registration tax and on the pollution tax for motor vehicles as stated by the Romanian law according to the recent decisions of the E.U`s Court of Justice and to the E.U`s Treaties
  47. professor SEVASTIAN CERCEL, PHD, Romania
    The juridical regime of animals according to the New Romanian Civil Code
  48. Martina CIRBUSOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Child's Right to know his/her Origin vs. Anonymity of Adoption
  49. Ivan CISÁR, Slovak Republic
    The extent of allowable damages under CISG
  50. JUDr. PhDr. Martin CRHA, Czech Republic
    Position and Application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) in Latin America
  51. doc. JUDr. Kristián CSACH, PhD., LL.M., Slovak Republic
    Impact of International and European (Competition) Law on the Validity of Private Law Contracts
  52. Damian CYMAN, Poland
    European financial market- directions of developement.
  53. Dr Mgr. Damian CZUDEK, Ph.D, Czech Republic
    Regulation of sanctions in the Tax code
  54. JUDr. Petr ČECHÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Kelsen's Criticism of Nuremberg Military Tribunals
  55. Michal ČEPELA, magistr práva, Czech Republic
    The social dimension of the right to a fair judicial proceedings
  56. JUDr. Mgr. Radek ČERNOCH, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Public Interferences into Legal Science in Ancient Rome
  57. JUDr. Filip ČERNÝ, Czech Republic
    (Non) Reservation According to Article 93 CISG: the Hong Kong Case
  58. Ing. Karolína ČERVENÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    The economic crisis and its impact on the finances on the public sector (some aspects)
  59. Mgr. Kateřina ČERVENÁ, Czech Republic
    Czech Medical Chamber´s Disciplinary Proceeding
  60. Mgr. Lenka ČIHÁKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Anti-corruption measures in the Criminal Law of Uruguay
  61. JUDr. Jozef ČORBA, Ph.D., Slovak Republic
    Unanswered questions on the legal status of athletes and sport clubs
  62. JUDr. Kateřina ČUHELOVÁ, Czech Republic
  63. JUDr. Dušan ČURILA, Ph.D., Slovak Republic
    Equality of the parties in decision-making practice of the Constitutional Court o the Slovak republic
  64. Mgr. Katarína DANKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  65. JUDr. Ludvík DAVID, CSc., Czech Republic
  66. JUDr. Ing. Radovan DÁVID, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  67. Mgr. Hana DEJMKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Concurrence of the employment relationship of the employee to the municipality and the function of the member of the municipality council
  68. Mgr. Martina DITMAROVÁ, Czech Republic
  69. doc. JUDr Gabriela DOBROVIČOVÁ, CSc., Slovak Republic
  70. JUDr. Eva DOBROVOLNÁ, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
    The position of the consumer law in the system of private law
  71. JUDr. Helena DOLEŽALOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Obstacles to Regulation of Invasive Alien Animal Species
  72. Mgr. Hana DOLEŽELOVÁ, Czech Republic
  73. Pavel DOUBEK, Czech Republic
  74. Mgr.Ing. Lenka DOUBRAVOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Selected Issues of the Actual and Future Legislation on Contracting
  75. JUDr. Klára DRLIČKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Selected Excluded Issues as Reason for Non-Applicability of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods
  76. JUDr. Jana DUDOVÁ, Ph.D, Czech Republic
    Onerous animal versus human (selected issues)
  77. Mgr. Miloš DVOŘÁK, Czech Republic
  78. JUDr. Milan EBERLE, Czech Republic
  79. Mgr. Pavla EHLOVÁ, Czech Republic
  80. Bachelor degree in law Divine Nkwelle EKAH, Bachelor degree law, Ukraine
    Cyber stores and its legal consequences on Civil Law
  82. Mgr. Hana ENDEROVÁ, Czech Republic
    Right to fair trial and order procedure
  83. dr. István ERDŐS, Hungary
  84. Judr. Martina FEDORIŠINOVÁ ČELKOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    bude upesnený neskôr
  85. JUDr. Katarína FEDOROVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Infringement of personal liberty and proprietary rights by administrative bodies of Russia in 1881 - 1917
  86. Prof. JUDr. Jaroslav FENYK, Ph.D., DSc., Czech Republic
  87. prof. JUDr. Josef FIALA, CSc., Czech Republic
  88. Doc. JUDr. Svetlana FICOVÁ, CSc., Slovak Republic
    Vplyv judikatúry Európskeho súdu pre ľudské práva na zmeny právnej úpravy v Slovenskej republike
  89. Mgr. Jana FILIPOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Proceedings in Matters of Foreigners and Right to Fair Trial
  90. Mgr. Petr FOREJT, Czech Republic
    Criminal Law Convention on Corruption and its effect on the regulation of corruption crimes
  91. JUDr. Vlasta FORMÁNKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  92. Mgr. Radek FRÖHLICH, Czech Republic
    The Preliminary Ruling Procedure as a Part of the Right to a Statutory Court
  93. JUDr. Ing. Kristýna FRONC CHALUPECKÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The claims of the state asserted in the insolvency proceedings
  94. JUDr. Miroslav FRÝDEK, Czech Republic
    Property of convicted person
  95. doc. JUDr. Marek FRYŠTÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Takes the government of the Czech Republic the fight against corruption really seriously?
  96. RNDr. Mgr. Hana FUNKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Problems of the CISG interpretation
  97. JUDr. Ľudmila GAJDOŠÍKOVÁ, CSc., Slovak Republic
    Rait to Fair Trial in the Proccedings before Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic
  98. JUDr. Michal GALÁT, Czech Republic
  99. Mgr. Filip GLOTZMANN, Czech Republic
  100. prof. Jan GLUCHOWSKI, Poland
  101. Ján GONDA, Czech Republic
  102. JUDr. Vlastimil GÖTTINGER, Czech Republic
    Serfs of Military Regions - could they live happily without the Right on Self-government?
  103. Doc. JUDr. Tomáš GŘIVNA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Effective repentance for the offender of corruption crimes
  104. Mgr. Kateřina HAJNÁ, Czech Republic
    A Few Remarks on Companies' Seats
  105. Mgr. Ing. Zuzana HAJNÁ, Czech Republic
    Current and future state of European Patents
  106. Mgr. Slavomír HALLA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The extent of allowable damages under CISG
  107. Jakub HANÁK, Czech Republic
  108. Mgr. Bc. Monika HANYCH, Czech Republic
  109. Doc. JUDr. Bohumil HAVEL, PhD., Czech Republic
    The Trust in the Czech Law?
  110. Libor HAVELKA, Czech Republic
    A Failure to Meet the Obligation of National Courts to Apply EU Law Ex Officio and its possible consequences
  111. JUDr. Jan HAVLÍČEK , Czech Republic
    (Non) Reservation According to Article 93 CISG: the Hong Kong Case
  112. Mgr. Dana HAVLÍČKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  113. Mgr. Petra HAVLÍČKOVÁ , Czech Republic
    The Impact of theCconfiscation on the ownership
  114. JUDr. Roman HEINZ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  115. JUDr. David HEJČ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Judicial review of land-use plans and the right to fair trial
  116. Andrej HENŽEL, Slovak Republic
  117. Prof. MVDr. Alfred HERA, CSc., Czech Republic
  118. JUDr. Lukáš HLOUCH, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Normative theory and the Problem of Completeness of Law
  119. JUDr. Petr HLUŠTÍK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The right to a fair trial in the context of e-Justice
  120. Mgr. Martin HOBZA, Czech Republic
  121. JUDr. Alena HOLMES, Czech Republic
  122. Mgr. Libor HOLÝ, Czech Republic
    Potential Counter-productiveness of Institutes of Protection against Delays in Court Proceedings
  123. JUDr. Mgr. Ondřej HORÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    "Property is the root of evil, but not as an institution, but its distribution." Interwar jurisprudence and land reform
  124. Mgr. et Mgr. Monika HORÁKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The corn monopoly in the ČSR
  125. JUDr. Jan HORNÍK, Czech Republic
    Does the Law on Municipalities Provide a Space for Non-transparent Dealing of Representatives?
  126. PhDr. Peter HORVÁTH, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Ten Years of Regional Self-Government in Slovakia
  127. Mgr. Daniel HOVORKA, Czech Republic
    The possibility of child adoption or foster care for homosexually oriented persons in terms of the prohibition of discrimination based on sexual orientation
  128. Mgr. Miloslav HRDLIČKA, Czech Republic
    Service of documents in civil procedure
  129. JUDr. Miluše HRNČIŘÍKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Vídeňská úmluva o smlouvách o mezinárodní koupi zboží a platnost rozhodčích doložek
  130. Mgr. Ondřej HRUDA, Czech Republic
    Bank charges for the maintenance of consumer credit – Should the Czech banks be concerned?
  131. JUDr. Peter HULA, Slovak Republic
  132. JUDr. Tomáš HULKÓ, Slovak Republic
    The financial regime of the new era in the EU
  133. Mgr. Tomáš HÜLLE, Czech Republic
    Modern dispute resolution mechanism and does CISG brings insurmountable problems?
  134. prof. JUDr. Jan HURDÍK, DrSc., Czech Republic
  135. prof. JUDr. Ján HUSÁR, CSc., Slovak Republic
    Fusion of ideas on the optimal regulation of the cross-border mergers
  136. JUDr. Faisal HUSSEINI, Czech Republic
    The right to fair trial and the execution of imprisonment
  137. Zdeněk HUSTÁK, Czech Republic
    Legal framework for contracts on provisionof finacial services in the Czech Republic and under the EU law - certain comments on investment services and payment services
  138. JUDr. Čestmír CHALOUPKA, Czech Republic
  139. JUDr. Radim CHALUPA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Statutory concentration - way to a blind alley of civil procedure
  140. JUDr. Radim CHARVÁT, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
    Legal Problems of the Draft Agreement on the Future European and EU Patents Court
  141. Mgr. Kristina CHRÁSTKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Personal scope of the Act on Officials of local governments in relation to the ECJ case law
  142. Jan CHUDOBA, Czech Republic
    The Forms of Public Law Intervention in Private Law on the Background of Constitutionality in the United States during the Great Depression
  143. JUDr.RNDr. Jaroslav CHYBA, DrSc., Czech Republic
    Protection of Wild Living Animals against the Taks and Needs of Water Management and Forest Management
  144. PhD Yury IVANOV, Associate Professor, Russian Federation
  145. Roman JABLONOVSKÝ, Slovak Republic
    First land reform in Slovak Republic
  146. JUDr. Ilona JANČÁŘOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Legal aspects of animal care in case of sealing of the apartment
  147. doc. Ing. Ladislav JANÍČEK, Ph.D., MBA, Czech Republic
  148. Ivana JANKEOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Application of the ne bis in idem principle in a criminal procedure
  149. dr Marlena JANKOWSKA, Poland
  150. Mgr. Michaela JANOČKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Securing of exercise of rights of access in international cases and it´s difficulties
  151. Michal JANOVEC, Czech Republic
    Primary and secondary market with government bonds
  152. JUDr. Mgr. Luboš JEMELKA, Czech Republic
  153. JUDr. David JEROUŠEK, Czech Republic
    Tax administration in property taxes.
  154. Petra JESTŘÍBKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  155. JUDr. Zdeňka JIRÁSKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  156. JUDr. David JOPEK, Czech Republic
    Liability and insurance industry in the system of financial law
  157. dr Edvard JUCHNEVIC, Poland
    The Legal Limits of Taxation
  158. Mgr. Marek JURÁŠ, Czech Republic
    The litigants‘ responsibility for a fair trial – a procedure without undue delay.
  159. doc. JUDr Monika JURČOVÁ, PhD, Slovak Republic
    Report on Conference: "European Contract Law – unlocking the internal market potential for growth” Warsaw, November 2011
  160. JUDr. Jana JURNÍKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  161. Mgr. Jakub JUŘENA, Czech Republic
    To be specified
  162. JUDr. Stanislav KADEČKA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Interaction of State Administration and Local Self-government in a Joint Model of Territorial Public Administration
  163. Prof. JUDr. Věra KALVODOVÁ, Dr., Czech Republic
    Corruption (not only) from the View of the New Criminal Code
  164. JUDr. Zdeněk KAPITÁN, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Difficult aspects of international adoptions outside the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption
  165. Dr. Aneta KARGOL-WASILUK, Poland
    Public goods and public-private partnership in Poland - theoretical and legal aspects
  166. Tomáš KAŠČÁK, Slovak Republic
    Application of the ne bis in idem principle in a criminal procedure
  167. Mgr. Jiří KAUCKÝ, Czech Republic
  168. Mgr. Jan KAZDA, Czech Republic
    Selected aspects of family law in Protectorate Bohemia and Moravia
  169. Mgr. Bc. Ivo KEISLER, Czech Republic
  170. Ing. Alena KERLINOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Current trends in government spending
  171. Dr. Zeleny KLAUS, Austria
    The genesis of Hans Kelsen's forthcoming book Secular Religion
  172. JUDr. Jana KLESNIAKOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Application of compensatory damages in criminal cases of corruption
  173. JUDr. Alena KLIKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Application of Principles of Good Governance in the Institute of Public Service
  174. Mgr. David KLÍMA, Czech Republic
    Financing urban parts of the survey of how to populate the city Treasury
  175. Mgr. Kamila KLVAČOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Deliberation on the failure to set off the time of custody against imprisonmentin the criminal procedure in relation to the right to a fair trial
  176. JUDr. Michaela KNOLLOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Levirate - roots, development, present
  177. Mgr. Tomáš KOCOUREK, Czech Republic
    Animals and Buildings from Legal Point of View
  178. JUDr. Michael KOHAJDA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Issues of Value Added Tax Group Registration
  179. JUDr. Jan KOLBA, Czech Republic
    Justice Delayed
  180. Milan KOLKA, Czech Republic
  181. JUDr. Petr KOLMAN, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Circulation Democratic elites - the constitutional judge only once
  182. JUDr. Jana KOMENDOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Public Law Interventions of the State in Legal Relations Arising from Performance of Mercenary Work
  183. Martin KOPA, Czech Republic
    Evolutive interpretation and the margin of appreciation doctrine - the view of national courts
  184. Mgr. Miroslav KOPRLA, Slovak Republic
    Analysis of Development in Financing the Public Administration from the View of Development in the Number of Public Administration Employees in the Slovak Republic
  185. Ing. Jana KOPRLOVÁ, Ph.D., Slovak Republic
    Analysis of Development in Financing the Public Administration in the Context of Development in the Public Administration Salaries in the Slovak Republic
  186. JUDr. Ing. Jan KOPŘIVA, Czech Republic
    Current issues of tax harmonization in the EU
  187. Martin KORNEL, Czech Republic
    Principle of the best interests of the child
  188. Bc. Mgr. Jan Petr KOSINKA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    A Criticism of Kelsen’s theory focusing on the legitimacy of law
  189. JUDr. Radim KOSTÍK, Czech Republic
    An Animal As the Originator of Damage
  190. doc. JUDr. Josef KOTÁSEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Comparative Advertisement without Comparison?
  191. JUDr. Alexandra KOTRECOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    International abduction of children after the amendment of civil procedure code
  192. JUDr. Juraj KOTRUSZ, Slovak Republic
    Uniform Interpretation of the Convention as a Way to Legal Certainty
  193. Doc. JUDr. Zdeněk KOUDELKA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Removal and referral of a case at the Public Prosecutor’s Office
  194. JUDr. Pavel KOUKAL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Relation between Tangible and Intangible Assets in Relation to the User Interference decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union
  195. JUDr. Lucia KOVÁČOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Competition of contractual and non-contractual claims arising from product liability in international trade
  196. Mgr Lic. et Mgr. Ingrid KOVÁŘOVÁ KOCHOVÁ , Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Causation in medical negligence cases
  197. Dr Mgr. Michal KOZIEŁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The legal framework of the European Financial Stability Facility
  198. Mgr. Veronika KOZLOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Domestic violence as a persecution in asylum procedure
  199. JUDr. Jaromír KOŽIAK, Czech Republic
    Business Judgment rule in Czech republic
  200. JUDr. Bc. Jakub KRÁL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The Right of Pharmaceutical Companies for a Fair Trial
  201. Mgr. Jaroslav KRÁLÍČEK, Czech Republic
    Article 42 of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods as a reason to exclude its application
  202. Mgr. Barbora KRÁLIČKOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Cross-roads and challenges of relationship between Intellectual Poperty Law and Competition Law in Slovak and Czech legal order
  203. Prof. JUDr. Zdeňka KRÁLÍČKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The Right to Respect for Family Life: Tradition v. Alternatives
  204. Jana KRANECOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The real property tax as an instrument securing public goods
  205. prof. JUDr. Vladimír KRATOCHVÍL, CSc., Czech Republic
    Police-Control (Inscenation, Agent) and Police-Provocation (Initiation) of the Crime - Bribery
  206. JUDr. Zdeněk KREJČÍ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Anti-corruption measures in the Police of the Czech Republic
  207. PhDr. Petr KREUZ, Dr., Czech Republic
  208. Mgr. Petr KRUTIŠ, Czech Republic
  209. Hana KŘÍPALOVÁ, Czech Republic
  210. JUDr. Jana KŘIVÁČKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Institute of appellate review in civil court proceedings from the perspective of the right to a fair trial
  211. Mgr. Vít KŘÍŽKA, Czech Republic
    Implementation of Dissenting Opinions to Czech Justice
  212. JUDr. Gabriela KUBÁTOVÁ, Czech Republic
  213. Mgr. Dita KUČEROVÁ, Czech Republic
    Application of international treaties according to Art. 10 of the Constitution
  214. doc. JUDr. Josef KUCHTA, CSc., Czech Republic
    Corruption and bibery in the Economic Sphere
  215. Karel KVASNIČKA, Czech Republic
  216. Jan KVIETOK, Slovak Republic
  217. JUDr. Ing. Libor KYNCL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    State Financing using Bonds: Limits of State Sovereignty?
  218. JUDr. Tereza KYSELOVSKÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Selected Excluded Issues as Reason for Non-Applicability of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods
  219. Mgr. Šárka KYZLINKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Tendencies in regulations of groups of companies
  220. Mgr. Eva KYZOUROVÁ, Czech Republic
  221. JUDr. Silvia LATTOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Present status of the intellectual property right in Slovakia and its further perspective.
  222. University Lecturer Doctor TROCAN LAURA MAGDALENA, University Lecturer Ph.D., Romania
    The importance of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea of 10 December 1982
  223. doc. JUDr. Petr LAVICKÝ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Cross-roads of Civil Procedure Law
  224. Mgr. Konstantin LAVRUSHIN, Czech Republic
    Considerations on Common European Sales Law: effective choice or aji keshi?
  225. Mgr. Martin LEBEDA, Czech Republic
    Extension of the institute Discharge from Debts for entrepreneurs
  226. JUDr. Pamela LEWIS, Czech Republic
  227. JUDr. Jan LODEK, Czech Republic
    Overpayment and interests in tax administration
  228. Mgr. Zbyněk LUBOVSKÝ, Czech Republic
    The legal status of fishes in the Law on Fisheries and compensation for damage to fish caused by specially protected fauna
  229. Mgr. Ivo MACEK, Czech Republic
    Circumstances restricting cross-border transactions
  230. Doc.PhDr. Tatiana MACHALOVÁ,, CSc., , Czech Republic
    Consensus or Grundnorm?
  231. Mgr. Pavel MÁLEK, Czech Republic
  232. dr Jaroslaw MARCZAK, Poland
    The tax system in Spain in terms of crisis
  233. doc. JUDr. Klaudia MARCZYOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    current Issues of status of the individual in the municipality in Slovakia
  234. prof. JUDr. Karel MAREK, CSc., Czech Republic
  235. Ma Katarzyna MARKIEWICZ, LL.M., Poland
    Tools of the State, Banking Law in Poland 1945-1989
  236. Prof. JUDr. Hana MARKOVÁ, CSc., Czech Republic
    Where to find ways to strenghten the municipal budgets?
  237. PhD. Ekaterina MARMILOVA, Russian Federation
    Project Electoral Code as a mechanism to ensure citizens' voting rights in Russia
  238. JUDr. Strážnický MARTIN, Slovak Republic
  239. JUDr. Michal MÁRTON, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Institution of curatorship in administrative proceeding-actual questions
  240. Mgr. Anton MARTVOŇ, Ph.D., Slovak Republic
    Upresním ešte
  241. Mgr. Lenka MATĚJKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  242. Mgr. Nina MATIS, Slovak Republic
    International Child Abduction in the Context of the Case Law of the ECHR
  243. JUDr. Soňa MATOCHOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Interpretation and Application of European Law in the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic Case Law
  244. JUDr. Pavel MATOUŠEK, Czech Republic
    Public Finance and crisis
  245. JUDr. Miloš MATULA, CSc., Czech Republic
    Conceptual questions the legal status of officials
  246. Mgr. Jan MAURIC, Czech Republic
  247. Mgr. Eva MAZANCOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Geographically non-indigenous animal species in rescue station
  248. JUDr. Marie MAZÁNKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  249. Mgr. et. Mgr. Zuzana MEDELSKÁ TKÁČOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Corruption and anticorruption measures in police force of the Slovak republic
  250. JUDr. et. Mgr. Jozef MEDELSKÝ, PhD.-, Slovak Republic
    Possibilities of using an agent in the process of detecting a corruption
  251. Mgr. Jozef MELICH, Slovak Republic
    Status and force of the chief controller in terms of law of the SR
  253. Mgr. Katarína MIKULOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    Application of EU law in field of consumer protection by Slovak courts
  254. Dovile MINGELAITE, Lithuania
    Legal Aspects of the External Control System of Municipal Finances
  255. JUDr. Miroslav MOCEK, Czech Republic
  256. JUDr. Pavel MOLEK, Czech Republic
    Is it possible to prosecute war criminals according to the Czech Charter?
  257. JUDr. Ondřej MORAVEC, Czech Republic
    Right for Constitutional Court Access
  258. JUDr. Michaela MOŽDIÁKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Role of Public Budgets in the scope of Tourism Financing
  259. JUDr. Petr MRKÝVKA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  260. JUDr. Hana MÜLLEROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    New trends in legal protection of animals
  261. Mgr. Rastislav MUNK, Slovak Republic
    Chairman of the community and his education
  262. JUDr. Hana MUŠKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  263. Mgr. Petra MYLKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  264. Mgr. Jiří NANTL, LL.M., Czech Republic
    Expert judgement and due process in higher education accreditation procedures.
  265. Mgr. Martina NAVRÁTILOVÁ, Czech Republic
    bude doplněno
  266. Ondřej NAVRKAL, Czech Republic
    Construction as a subject of the work
  267. Mgr. Lucie NECHVÁTALOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Application of International Counter-Terrorism Measures by National Bodies
  268. Lenka NĚMCOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Bude doplněno
  269. PhD., Sciences of Law Polina NESTERENKO, Ukraine
    Legal entities in European and Ukrainian legislation
  270. Dr. Phd Bersier Ladavac NICOLETTA, Switzerland
    Judicial Communities: Kelsen in Genva revisited
  271. prof. Andrea NOLLENT, United Kingdom
  272. Radvan NOVÁČEK, Czech Republic
  273. Jiří NOVÁK, Czech Republic
  274. Vaitiekus NOVIKEVICIUS, Lithuania
    Tax Evasion in Lithuania: Theory and Practice
  275. Mgr. Petra NOVOTNÁ, LL.M., Czech Republic
    will specify later
  276. Alica OBERTOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The remuneration of the member of the board of directors
  277. Martina OBRTELOVÁ, Czech Republic
  278. doc. JUDr. Dana ONDREJOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Unclaimed Advertising across Contemporary, Future and European Legal Regulation
  279. Mgr. Kristýna ONDROVÁ, Czech Republic
    Interpretation and aplication of European social security coordination rules
  280. David OPLETAL, Czech Republic
  281. Doc. JUDr. Ladislav OROSZ, CSc., Slovak Republic
    Bude upřesněn později
  282. JUDr. Petr OSINA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  283. JUDr. Regina PALKOVÁ HUČKOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    The problems of the interpretation of European law by national courts
  284. mgr Bartłomiej PANFIL, Poland
  285. Phd Przemysław PANFIL, Poland
  286. JUDr. Zdenka PAPOUŠKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Public Sector - Subjects and their Position in the tax Administration
  287. JUDr. Ivana PAŘÍZKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  288. Mgr. Margarita PÁTÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  289. JUDr. Bronislava PAVELKOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Parental (in)equality before the law
  290. JUDr. Ing. Bernard PEKÁR, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Upresním ešte
  291. doc. JUDr. Ing. Milan PEKÁREK, CSc., Czech Republic
    Animals in Czech Legal System
  292. Mgr. et Bc. Vladimír PELC, Czech Republic
    The Concept of General Interest in Crimes of Accepting Bribes and Bribery
  293. Mgr. Ing. Jana PETRŽELOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Business share prescription
  294. JUDr. Jan PINZ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The Axiom iura novit curia and Demands placed on Justices
  295. JUDr. Michaela POBOŘILOVÁ, Czech Republic
  296. Mgr. Martina PODIVÍNOVÁ, Czech Republic
  297. PhDr. JUDr. Ján PODMANICKÝ, Slovak Republic
    Effective power of self-government aspect of different legislation the status of some village`s institutions in the Czech Republic and in the Slovak republic
  298. Mgr. Petr PODRAZIL, Czech Republic
    Judicial review of administrative authority actions in private cases
  299. Mgr. Alena POKORNÁ, Czech Republic
    Business Name in the Czech and German Legal Regulation
  300. prof. JUDr. Jarmila POKORNÁ, CSc., Czech Republic
    The Name of the Firm again on crossroads ?
  301. JUDr. Ladislav POKORNÝ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  302. JUDr. Radim POLČÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Constitutional proportionality of legal regime of information gathered from surveillance systems
  303. JUDr. Soňa POSPÍŠILOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  304. Mgr. Lenka POŠÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  305. JUDr. Silvia PREPIROVA, Slovak Republic
  306. JUDr. Jana PRCHALOVÁ, Czech Republic
  307. Pavla PRINCLÍKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  308. JUDr. Lucie PROCHÁZKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Criminal law protection of animals
  309. Mgr. Petr PROKOP, Czech Republic
  310. Mgr. Bc. Klára PROKOPOVÁ, Czech Republic
    A phenomenon of private archaeological collections and a development of property of archaeological findings
  311. Prof. JUDr. Petr PRŮCHA, CSc., Czech Republic
    Citizen and community, community and citizen
  312. Doc. JUDr. Ivana PRŮCHOVÁ, CSc., Czech Republic
    Public Law Instruments for Withdrawal and Limitation of Property Rights to Agricultural and Forest Land in the Czech Republic in the Period of 1945-1989
  313. Mgr. Kateřina PŘEPECHALOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Impact of preparing legislative changes in field of criminal law on punishment of corruption in Czech republic
  314. JUDr. Luboš RÁB, Czech Republic
  315. JUDr. Martina RADKOVA, Czech Republic
  316. senior lecturer RUXANDRA RADUCANU, PHD, Romania
    The influence of international regulations regarding family protection by the romanian criminal law
  317. doc. JUDr. Ing. Michal RADVAN, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Cons of Real Estate Ad Valorem Taxation
  318. JUDr. Michaela RAPČANOVÁ, Slovak Republic
    International legal protection of children and its importance for the transformation of family law
  319. dr Anna REIWER-KALISZEWSKA, PhD, Poland
    Anti-dumping proceedings in the European Union
  320. JUDr. Mgr. Filip RIGEL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  321. JUDr. Kateřina RONOVSKÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Trust versus Foundation
  322. doc. JUDr. Kateřina RONOVSKÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Crossroads in Hungarian Private Law
  323. Mgr. Marián ROZBORA, Czech Republic
    Principle Ignorantia legis neminem excusat and its place in present day
  324. Mgr. Tomáš ROZEHNAL, Czech Republic
    Sankcion for late filling of the tax return
  325. Prof. JUDr. Naděžda ROZEHNALOVÁ, CSc., Czech Republic
    Gaps of the CISG and connected troubles
  326. PhDr. Mgr. Jozef RUŽAROVSKÝ, Slovak Republic
    The Position of Mayor in the Slovak Municipal System
  327. Jakub RŮŽIČKA, Czech Republic
  328. JUDr. Miroslav RŮŽIČKA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Impact of preparing legislative changes in field of criminal law on punishment of corruption in Czech republic
  329. JUDr. Kristýna ŘEZNÍČKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Charge for use of public space as a tax revenue of the municipality
  330. Mgr. Roman ŘÍČKA, Czech Republic
    Indirect effect of directives in case-law of Czech courts
  331. JUDr. Pavel SALÁK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Czechoslowak Law of Succession in the Years 1948-1989 and Roman Law
  332. Dr. Ekaterina SAMOKHINA, Russian Federation
    Hans Kelsen and Chaim Perelman: two perspectives in legal philosophy
  333. Dr. Pál SÁRY, PhD, Hungary
    Confiscation for the Church in Justinianic Law
  334. JUDr. Stanislav SEDLÁČEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  335. Mgr. Petr SEDLÁK, Czech Republic
    Condition of parental consent to the adoption of a child from the perspective of the revised European Convention on the Adoption of Children and the new Civil Code
  336. JUDr. David SEHNÁLEK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Interpretation of Law by the Court of Justice
  337. doc. JUDr. Markéta SELUCKÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Common European Sales Law
  338. JUDr. Emil SEMJAN, Slovak Republic
    Judicial review of decisions in proceedings for detained alien
  339. PhDr. Miroslav SCHEINOST , Czech Republic
  340. JUDr. Irena SCHEJBALOVÁ, Czech Republic
  341. JUDr. Monika SCHÖN, Czech Republic
    Education of a child: The right of his/her parents or the right of the state?
  342. prof. Dr. Francesco A. SCHURR, Liechtenstein
    Trust Law in Europe: Comparative Perspective
  343. Mgr. Johan SCHWEIGL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    "Change of Control" Clause in T-bonds Issuance Terms
  344. JUDr. Tatiana SIRANKO KANÁLIKOVÁ, PhD. , Slovak Republic
    Possibilities of compensation of the party injured by corrupt practices
  345. JUDr. PhDr. Martin SKALOŠ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    The legislation of land ownership in Czechoslovakia until adoption of the Civil Code of 1950
  346. Phd Elena SKOMOROHINA, Associate Professor, Russian Federation
  347. Doc. JUDr. Soňa SKULOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Which is the weight of the privacy protection principle in the case of public administration officials?
  348. Doc. JUDr. PhDr. Miroslav SLAŠŤAN, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Interpretácia a aplikácia medzinárodného a európskeho práva súdmi Slovenskej republiky
  349. Mgr. Jiří SLOVÁČEK, Czech Republic
    On small civil disputes resolution in the 21st century
  350. Mgr. Bc. Terezie SMEJKALOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Legitimacy of Law = Efectiveness of Law?
  351. JUDr. Veronika SMUTNÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Study-related fee - effective tool of regulation?
  352. JUDr. Romana SMYČKOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    International abduction of children after the amendment of civil procedure code
  353. JUDr. Martin SOBOTKA, Czech Republic
    Application and interpretation of law in normative theory
  354. Mgr. Michala SOROKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Consideration of the future of squeeze-out
  355. Doc. JUDr. Jozef SOTOLÁŘ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Particularities of personal relationships in slovak local government
  356. dr hab. Ryszard SOWINSKI, Poland
    Tax evasion – why taxpayers evade taxes
  357. JUDr. Ondřej SPÁČIL, Czech Republic
  358. Mgr. Ivana STARÁ, Czech Republic
    bude dodán později
  359. JUDr. Václav STEHLÍK, LL.M., Ph.D., Czech Republic
  360. doc. JUDr. Vojtěch STEJSKAL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Birds as an Object of Legal Relationships
  361. doc. JUDr. Vojtěch STEJSKAL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Birds as an object of legal relations
  362. Mgr. Eva STRÁNSKÁ, Czech Republic
    Right Hunting - sensitive way to protectnature?
  363. Jitka STRÁSKÁ, Czech Republic
  364. PhDr. Mgr. Dagmar STREJČKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Financial Management of the State-funded Institutions of the Territorial Self-governing Units
  365. Dušan SULITKA, Czech Republic
    The Place of Performance of the Obligation as an Example of the Interaction Between CISG and Regulation Brussels I
  366. Prof. JUDr. Ján SVÁK, CSc., Slovak Republic
    Effect of differentiation of civil and criminal matters in the guarantees of fair trial
  367. IUC Lukáš SVETLÍK, Slovak Republic
    Great Cormorant in Slovakia and in Czech republic. Where is law providing hope for better future ?
  368. JUDr. Karel SVOBODA, Ph.D, Czech Republic
    Difficulties with the definition of the term "civil proceedings"
  369. Mgr. Jan SÝKORA, Czech Republic
    Some selected cases of property acquisition by the State
  370. Viktor SZABO, Slovak Republic
  371. Ing. Mgr. Vladimír ŠEFL, Czech Republic
    Financing issues of professional chambers with compulsory membership
  372. JUDr. Jan ŠEJDL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Comments on Romal Law Servitutes and Their Aspects in Public Law
  373. Mgr. Karel ŠEMÍK, Czech Republic
    Antinomy fair legal proceedings and public publications
  374. JUDr. Marián ŠEVČÍK, CSc., Slovak Republic
    Consideration of improving the administrative judiciary in Slovakia.
  375. doc. JUDr. Ing. Josef ŠILHÁN, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Anatocism, the systematics of the obligation sanctions and the chaos in the legal order
  376. JUDr. Kateřina ŠIMÁČKOVÁ , PhD. , Czech Republic
    Denegatio iustitiae
  377. JUDr. Matej ŠIMÁŠEK, Slovak Republic
    Corruption in self - government
  378. Mgr. Michal ŠKERLE, Czech Republic
    Forced collectivization as a government intervention into private law.
  379. Martin ŠKOP, Czech Republic
    Is Methodological Purism in Law Possible?
  380. PhDr. Mgr. Jan ŠMÍD, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  381. JUDr. Ondřej ŠMÍD, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    the child right to know his origin in the light of international convention regulation and development of Constitutional court decision no. Pl. ÚS 15/09
  382. doc. JUDr. Ivana ŠOŠKOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    The 9th May 1948 Constitution's impact on interpretation of family law with a focus on the wife maintenance
  383. Taťána ŠPÍRKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Standards related to budgetary determination of taxes relevant to municipalities
  384. JUDr. Dana ŠRAMKOVÁ, Ph.D., MBA, Czech Republic
    Customs authorities and the financial management of the European Union
  385. Eliška ŠROTOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Application of European consumer law in the Czech Republic
  386. JUDr. Vít ŠŤASTNÝ, Czech Republic
  387. JUDr. Natália ŠTEFANKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Gaps of CISG - reason why we don´t apply the Convention
  388. JUDr. Markéta ŠTĚPÁNÍKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The importance of the normative theory for current law students
  389. Mgr.Bc. Eva ŠULCOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Municipal debt - solution and prevention
  390. Jaroslav ŠVOMA, Czech Republic
  391. Thiago TANNOUS, Brazil
  392. doc. JUDr. Bc. Jaromír TAUCHEN, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
    Labor Law in the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia – Still a Private Law Branch?
  393. Prof. JUDr. Ivo TELEC, CSc., Czech Republic
    Family Rights and some Methodological Issue
  394. Student Cristian Claudiu TEODORESCU, Student, Romania
    Proxy warfare in the tip of the Horn of Africa. Terrorist organization Al-Shabaab prospering from the chaos in the failed state of Somalia.
  395. Mgr. Eva TETOUROVÁ, Czech Republic
  396. JUDr. Jana TKÁČIKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Animals in Law - Selected Issues
  397. Dr. Zoltán TÓTH J., PhD, Hungary
    Animal Protection Regulations in Hungary
  398. JUDr. Marcela TÓTHOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Specific evidence of corruption
  399. JUDr. Marta TÓTHOVÁ, PhD., Slovak Republic
    Positivism and the aplication of EU law
  400. Mgr. Václav TOUL, Czech Republic
  401. JUDr. Simona TRÁVNÍČKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    CISG Case Law of Czech Courts
  402. doc. JUDr. Mgr. Martin TURČAN, PhD., Czech Republic
    Person of judge in fair trial
  403. Mgr. Jiří TUZA, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Prohibited hunting methods and hunting ethics
  404. prof. JUDr. Vladimír TÝČ, CSc., Czech Republic
    New Vision of the EU Patent Protection: Patents Will be Cheap, but not Available in the National Languages
  405. Mgr. Kateřina UHLÍŘOVÁ, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
    Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a Part of the International Treaty (Dayton Peace Agreement): Implications for Its Interpretation and Application
  406. doc. PhDr. Martina URBANOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Corruption as a social deviation
  407. Ph D MARIUS VACARELU, Ph D , Romania
    A European Union with two speeds and a new type of European law
  408. prof. Ing. Ivan VÁGNER, CSc., MBA, Czech Republic
    Desirable level of personal management of lawyer as a starting point of his successful professional career
  409. Mgr. Kateřina VALACHOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  410. JUDr. Jiří VALDHANS, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  411. JUDr. Jozef VARMUS, Slovak Republic
    Right to property in terms of European and national legislation and case law
  412. PhDr. Kazimír CSc. VEČERKA , CSc., Czech Republic
  413. JUDr. Eva VEČERKOVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    The Name of the Firm again on crossroad ?
  414. prof. JUDr. PhDr. Miloš VEČEŘA, CSc., Czech Republic
    The Brno normative school
  415. JUDr. Bc. Pavel VETEŠNÍK, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  416. Mgr. Radim VIČAR, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Citizen and municipality during crisis situation
  417. Lars VINX, Turkey
    Is Kelsen's Identity Thesis Defensible?
  418. JUDr. Bohumil VÍTEK, Czech Republic
    The basic norm in the network structure of law
  419. Mgr. Jiří VLACH, Czech Republic
  420. JUDr. et Ing. Ladislav VLACHOVIČ, Slovak Republic
    Position of the aggrieved party in connection with the corruption as a criminal act
  421. Mgr. Bc. Veronika VLČKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  422. Prof. JUDr. Ladislav VOJÁČEK, CSc., Czech Republic
    The contract of employment under the Trade Act in the First Czechoslovak Republic
  423. Mgr. Jana VOLKOVÁ, Czech Republic
  424. Mgr. Vojtěch VOMÁČKA, Czech Republic
    Application of EU environmental law by Czech national courts
  425. Dr. Thomas VON HIPPEL, Germany
    Foundations v. Trusts (a German Perspective)
  426. Mgr. Marta VRBOVÁ, Czech Republic
    The Obligation to Maintain Confidentiality of the Local Self-governmental Officials
  427. JUDr. Roman VYBÍRAL, Ph.D., Czech Republic
    Some Issues of the Gambling Taxation in the Czech Republic
  428. JUDr. Ladislav VYHNÁNEK, Ph.D., LL.M., Czech Republic
    The Substantive Dimension of the Right to Fair Trial in the Case Law of the Czech Constitutional Court
  429. JUDr. Eliška WAGNEROVÁ, Ph.D., Czech Republic
  430. ph.D malgorzata WROBLEWSKA, Poland
    International Investment Agreement
  431. dr Adam WYSZKOWSKI, Poland
    negative tax expenditures in the tax system
  432. dr Maciej ZACHARIASIEWICZ, LLM, Poland
    The perspectives for the European optional instrument regarding the common law of contracts
  433. Monika #ZALEWSKA, Poland
    Kelsen, Hart and Multicentrism
  434. JUDr. Dana ZAPLETALOVÁ, Ph.D, Czech Republic
  435. Mgr. Jana ZAPLETALOVÁ KOLÁČKOVÁ, Czech Republic
    Informed consent of minor in the light of the international law
  436. Matouš ZAVADIL, Czech Republic
  437. Jiří ZEMAN, Czech Republic
    The right to fair trial - wishful thinking or reality?
  438. Mgr Ondřej ZEMANDL, Czech Republic
    The game as an object of legal relations
  439. Mgr. Radomír ZIMEK, Czech Republic
  440. dr. Denis ZOTOV, Associate Professor, Russian Federation
  441. Pawel ZYGARLOWSKI , Poland
  442. Mgr. Dominik ŽENATÝ, Czech Republic
    Appointed employment termination
  443. doc. JUDr. Michaela ŽIDLICKÁ, Dr., Czech Republic